Rupert Rhodd & Associates, LLC
Rupert Rhodd & Associates, LLC

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Litigation Support.

  • Research and expert testimony on areas relating to income loss or diminished income earning possibilities due to injury or death.
  • The calculation of the present value of future streams of income using the appropriate discount factor or rate.
  • Litigation support in the areas of public policy, public administration and economic development.
  • Litigation support in the area of economics and statistics that identifies trends or information that are useful to the defendant’s case. 

Benefit-Cost Analysis

  • Determining benefits and costs of a given project.
  • Using the relevant discount factors to calculate the present value of benefits and cost

Economic Impact Analysis

  • Determining the economic benefits of projects including income generation and government revenue.
  • Calculation of the income multipliers and the extent to which project impact communities through changes in the distribution of employment.

Project Appraisal and Evaluation

  • Using research methods and statistics to evaluate the feasibility of current and future projects.
  • Using research methods and statistics to evaluate the success or failure of projects and specify remedial actions if necessary.       



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